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Sarah's secret portfolio page

Sarah not only works on her own media presence and CDs, but she also lends her talents to other artists.

Strengths include creative photo editing, album design, and layouts for print.

Sarah also enjoys video editing, web-design, and painting. She is self-taught and always learning new techniques and technologies.

Sarah is currently the UI / UX team lead for Caterpillar's Earthmoving Division, leading a growing team of designers to deliver the onboard display GUI for tractors, loaders, graders, and more. She is focused on developing talent, project delivery, architecture, and user experience.

Video: Break Me Down

Directed by Tracey Mack

Story by Tracey Mack and Sarah Schonert

Music, costuming, and video editing by Sarah Schonert

Video: You Still Awake Lyric Video

Images by multiple Artists

Editing and direction by Sarah Schonert

Music by Sarah Schonert

Fractal video by Sarah Schonert

Using Frax

Music by Sarah Schonert

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