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Sarah Schonert is a Creative, writing, recording, and producing original pieces out of her home studio in Peoria, IL.  Her 2018 LP, Penguin Party, has garnered over a dozen reviews/interviews/features and Songs About Sounds is set to debut soon.

Sarah is a multi-instrumentalist and singer that loves her gear and software.  Her style is rooted in classical piano, supported by electronic vsts, loopers, ambient washes, carefully crafted arps, and assorted instruments she has collected over the years.  While she has played many instruments throughout her life, her most recent dabblings are in guitars, accordions, and the Seaboard.  Her sound has been called eclectic, ethereal, dreamy, haunting, and unexpected.

When she does play out, Sarah has been adding loopers and vocoders to her set, creating an other-worldly live music experience.  For more information about booking, please email

Info / Shows

"Songs About Sounds" LP, Octoboer 2019 (Worldwide digital release and CD)

"Wintry Mix" LP, December 2018 (Worldwide digital release)

"Conscience Calling" EP, July 2018 (Worldwide digital release and limited CDs)

"Penguin Party" LP, December 2017 (Worldwide digital release and CD)

"Exposition 1893" Special Release, June 2017 (Bandcamp only)

"Because and Effect" EP, November 2016 (Worldwide digital release)

"My Unwinding State LP, June 2016 (Worldwide digital release and CD)


"The Kees Files" EP, December 2015 (Worldwide digital release, CD)


"Because" EP, Bandcamp August of 2015, worldwide digital release September 2015.


"Headphone Paralysis", LP Bandcamp November 2013, worldwide digital release and CD January 2014.


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